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Understanding Memory Care Services for Seniors

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When you have a loved one living with dementia, it’s important to take steps to help get them the care they deserve. And fortunately, memory care can help. But what exactly is memory care?

Memory care is a specialized type of senior living designed to support older adults living with dementia and other types of memory impairment. Your loved one can live in a community where they’re surrounded by a team of trained caregivers with experience supporting older adults with dementia.

What Is Memory Care?

Dementia is a progressive condition, and once it starts to develop, it can affect all aspects of your loved one’s life. This condition affects the brain and begins to cause cognitive decline, and at some point, it may not be ideal for your loved one to live at home anymore. So when someone in your life has dementia, what do you do?

You can think about memory care. These are warm, welcoming senior living communities specifically designed to support seniors living with dementia. In memory care, your loved one can have their unique needs met by a caring and experienced team.

Memory care communities offer a safe, secure environment where residents can enjoy:

  • Round-the-clock care and support
  • Assistance with daily activities
  • Amenities, programs, and events
  • Engaging specialized programs designed to preserve cognitive function
  • Therapy programs to support them emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually

How to Tell if a Loved One Needs Memory Care

So how do you tell if a loved one needs memory care? Dementia can be a complex condition, so it’s essential to learn the early signs and symptoms that a loved one is experiencing memory impairment.

Try to keep an eye out to see if your loved one is:

  • Experiencing increased memory loss or lapses
  • Forgetting important dates or events
  • Struggling with daily tasks that were once simple
  • Tripping, falling, or hurting themselves more often
  • No longer taking care of their property
  • No longer taking care of their personal hygiene 
  • Showcasing behavioral or personality changes

If any of these signs sound familiar, your loved one may be experiencing early symptoms of memory impairment. Visit a healthcare professional together as soon as you can so you can get a proper evaluation of their cognitive abilities. 

The Benefits of Memory Care 

When you choose memory care for your loved one, you’ll be able to provide them with a supportive and welcoming environment designed for their situation. Here at The Legacy at Santa Fe, we use our Connections program to help your loved one. This takes a 7-point approach to helping your loved one connect with others, grow as a person, and enjoy the moments that matter.

Our 7-pillar program entails:

  • True choice-based living, empowering our residents to make choices right for them and supporting them every step of the way
  • Thoughtful dining experiences aiming to make every meal a nutritious delight
  • Personalized care through an individualized care plan for each resident
  • Innovative environments designed to promote safety, security, and engagement
  • Immersive experiences to help your loved one feel fulfilled and happy
  • Collaborating with outside caregivers, healthcare professionals, and family members
  • Support for you and your family while giving your loved one the care they deserve

We don’t think of ourselves as caregivers. You and your loved one are part of our family, and we like to believe we’re part of yours! 

Tips for Choosing a Memory Care Community

Choosing a memory care community is just like picking out an apartment or a house—while some communities may be similar, they’re still unique in their own way. Every memory care community will have a different approach to caring for their residents, so you’ll want to pick a community that can truly support your loved one.

There is good news, though! Most memory care communities offer the chance to schedule a tour before registration, so you can visit ahead of time to see what life will be like for your loved one.

Then, while you’re seeing the community, keep in mind:

  • How the staff and residents interact with each other
  • How care plans are designed for each resident
  • Their available amenities and services
  • The location of the community itself, since you’ll likely want to visit
  • Their fee structure
  • The staff-to-resident ratio

Don’t forget to ask questions! This can help you gain a proper understanding of the community. 

An older adult man sitting with a cane conversing with a nurse holding a book.

Choosing the Right Community for Your Loved One

Choosing the right memory care community for your loved one is an essential step to getting them the care they need. You’ll want a community that truly supports your loved one and meets all of their unique needs—a community like ours here at The Legacy at Santa Fe! 

Our team is here for you and your family, so book a tour with us today, and take the first step toward supporting your loved one in a way that can change their life.

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