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Difference between Assisted Living & Memory Care

An older adult woman in a memory care facility sitting on a chair smiling and having a conversation with a nurse.

It can be challenging for families to navigate the world of senior healthcare for loved ones. With different options available, determining the appropriate care setting can be overwhelming. Assisted living and memory care offer unique levels of support and services based on the individual’s needs. Assisted living takes care of everyday tasks while providing support […]

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Maintaining Independence in Assisted Living

A group of older adults at a senior living community sit around a table laughing and playing cards together

The transition experience into senior living can vary between individuals. But one important thing to remember is that moving into assisted living doesn’t mean a loss of independence—it’s a time to explore an exciting new way of life. You can maintain independence in assisted living by personalizing your living space, staying active, speaking up, enjoying […]

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How to Help Someone with Memory Loss

A senior woman with glasses sitting on a couch appears to be sad and looking outside the window.

If you have a loved one who is experiencing memory loss, it can be difficult to know how to provide support most effectively.  Understanding your loved one’s perspective, avoiding correcting them, limiting distractions while still interacting in meaningful ways, and using visual cues are all ways you can help someone dealing with memory loss. As […]

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