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Top 20 Hobbies for Seniors & Retirees

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Senior women using a hula hoop to have a fun exercising time in the garden at our senior living community.

Finding somewhere you love to retire is more than simply finding a new place to call home. It’s about finding a community that supports a healthy lifestyle and a community that feels like home.

Ideal hobbies for seniors include low-impact or low-stress activities, such as gardening, reading, learning a new skill, or board games. There really isn’t a right or wrong hobby for an older adult. One of the biggest things to remember is to ensure the senior’s skill level and abilities match the hobby. This is important for their safety.

Top 20 Activities for Seniors


Knitting and crocheting are two hobbies that are great for older adults. Neither requires a lot of strength or stamina and can be done in a comfortable chair. A certain amount of manual dexterity is needed, so these can be beneficial in maintaining good motor function.


Gardening may not jump out as a particularly healthy activity, but evidence suggests that gardening can have a profound positive effect on mental and physical health. The simple act of taking care of plants is therapeutic in itself. Still, the fresh air, sunshine, and physical activity are also beneficial.

Video Games

Most people probably picture video games as a young person’s hobby. But this isn’t necessarily the case. There is a vast world of video games spanning almost every genre imaginable! Additionally, the options range from different consoles to a desktop to a cell phone or tablet.

Digital Entertainment

If video games aren’t a senior’s thing, but they still enjoy a digital experience, social media, and other digital entertainment may be an option. Instagram or Facebook are two social media options that can help an older adult stay connected with friends and family.


In an assisted living or memory care community, residents probably won’t need to prepare many meals for themselves. However, some people are passionate about cooking or baking. Plus, it’s a great activity that almost any aged person could take part in with little difficulty.


Puzzling is a great way to help keep one’s mind sharp. Jigsaw puzzles, sudoku, crossword puzzles, or search and finds are all great ways to have some solo puzzle fun. Engaging one’s mind like this can help keep you present in the day and improve concentration.


Not everyone enjoys reading, but it can provide a magical escape for those who do. Whether a person prefers fiction or nonfiction, reading is a great hobby that almost anyone can do. Even if an older adult has failing vision, there are large print or audiobook options.

Learn a Musical Instrument

It’s never too late to learn a new musical instrument. Some communities will have organized group classes, which adds another fun dynamic. But even picking up an instrument in your own time by yourself can be a fun experience.

Model Building

Ship in a bottle, model cars, or model airplanes; there’s no shortage of fun models! The nice thing about model building is it requires very little mobility. On the other hand, it usually involves some fine detail work, which can help improve focus and hand-eye coordination.


A senior doesn’t have to publish a bestseller to enjoy writing as a hobby in their golden years. Even a daily life journal can be a relaxing hobby. Additionally, it offers a chance for reflection and can help in processing emotions or feelings.


A senior probably won’t be trying out for the NBA All-Stars game, but there’s no reason that an older adult can’t pick up a new sport. The biggest thing with choosing a sport is ensuring the senior’s physical capabilities are appropriate.


The CDC recommends a senior gets 75 to 150 minutes of activity weekly and performs balance and strength training several times per week. Many retirement communities have gyms or fitness rooms to support healthy activity for the residents.


Dance is a timeless hobby. Whether it’s a child or a senior, dance can be a fun form of exercise and self-expression. It also has several health benefits, such as improving muscle tone, strength, and cardio, and it can boost cognitive performance.

Three senior men playing a game of pool at the billiards table.

Board & Card Games

Lots of tabletop games and card games are better with friends. But there are solo games like solitaire or sudoku that one can complete by themselves. In addition to the social and relational benefits, board and card games can help improve memory and concentration.


Daily walks are a big part of staying healthy and active. Birdwatching can be an engaging activity to add to your walk. One nice thing about birdwatching is that it can be a solo or group activity.

Learn a New Skill

Speaking of new hobbies and skills, learning a new skill can be a great way to spend your time as an older adult. One doesn’t necessarily need to go to college—it can be as simple as learning something new, like how to cook, knit, or dance.


In addition to some surprising mental health benefits, like stress reduction and confidence building, volunteering can also help give a person purpose in life. It feels good to think about other people’s needs.


Sometimes a nice calm and quiet activity like crafting can be a great hobby for a senior. This could be especially beneficial in an area with a less desirable climate, where seniors spend most of their time inside.

Book Club

Reading is an incredible solo activity. But a book club can turn it into social fun. Getting together and discussing a book you and other residents are reading can be a great chance to experience the story from another person’s perspective.

Spend Time with Friends

It’s time for retirement, not boredom. One of the best perks of living in a senior community is how easy it can be to integrate into a social group. It’s easy to go for walks, laugh, and enjoy retirement together.

Find Your New Home at The Legacy

Finding the best community to retire in is a significant choice. If you’re considering communities in Lubbock, book a tour at The Legacy at Santa Fe. We’re happy to answer all your questions and book a community tour for you.

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